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Electrostatic Disinfection Services Stuart FL

We're proud to be the only commercial cleaning companies in Stuart FL that provides electrostatic disinfection services to each of our clients free of charge (on a monthly basis). Electrostatic spray disinfection has been used to disinfect facilities for many years. COVID-19 has brought cleaning and disinfection to the forefront, and the service has become much more prevalent.

Although it may sound fancy, electrostatic disinfection is a method of disinfection that is easy to understand. It is a process that quickly and evenly coats a surface with a disinfecting solution. The electrostatic applicator gives a negative charge to the disinfecting solution as it exits the nozzle, allowing the solution to stick to a targeted surface with 360-degree coverage.

The process is fast and safe for people, plants, animals, office equipment and a variety of different surfaces and spaces.

Reasons to adopt Electrostatic Disinfection

Many companies have developed new technology to improve electrostatic spraying’s applications in cleaning. We’ve come to find that the practical uses and benefits of electrostatic disinfection are endless. Going across every surface with a microfiber towel is much more time consuming than running a light spray of disinfectant over a surface. Electrostatic disinfection is so quick that it has the potential to dramatically cut down labor time and costs. With the right technology and chemicals, there should be very minimal residue with a quick dry time. We generally implement this service at each of our clients locations once per month, and our main focus is high contact points and so much more to deeply sanitize their space and everything within.

Touchless application reduces cross contamination

When you wipe down one surface with a microfiber towel, there is the potential that you can transfer those microbes to another surface without even realizing it. Using color coded microfiber towels can help prevent cross contamination, but there is no guarantee. When disinfection is touchless in the form of spray (as an example), you reduce the potential of transfer completely.

Want to prevent the spread of infection at your facility? Request more information about electrostatic disinfection and how it can protect the health of your staff and customers.

Please note that our electrostatic disinfection service is provided at no additional cost to commercial facilities that hire us as their recurring janitorial provider. Unfortunately we do not offer this service as a stand-alone service at this time.

Our mission is to save you time, money and the frustration of dealing with office cleaning companies that do not live up to their end of the agreement. Contact us today and let Pro City put our expertise and professionalism to work for you!

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Having this company disinfect our location once per month is very important to how we run our business. We are truly ecstatic to have Pro City available for 5 days per week of service, and their monthly disinfecting service as well.

Lance J: Medical Clinic, Melbourne FL

These guys are absolute pros! Their attention to detail is second to none (and we've had several cleaning companies over the years), and the disinfection spraying service they provide is top-notch. We're long-term customers for sure!

Martina B: Fitness Center, Ft Lauderdale FL