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photo of dining table and chairs inside room
photo of dining table and chairs inside room
Janitorial Services Stuart FL

When you think of a large building or business, you likely picture a janitor along with it. Janitorial services in Stuart are very important services for large properties such as hospitals, schools, and large businesses. Without a cleaning person or service, it is very easy for large properties to get dirty or become disheveled quickly. A janitor’s duties primarily take care of the cleaning in such buildings, though they will often complete maintenance jobs as well. Some places hire on-staff janitors, while others will hire an outside company such as Pro City to come in and perform these services. Janitorial services are often performed while the building is vacant, and this typically after business hours. This may be in the evenings or early mornings. Hiring a janitorial service allows the building to stay clean without putting extra cleaning duties on the to-do list of existing employees.

 Janitorial companies in Stuart can often cause the largest number of headaches for businesses too. From poor service, to slow response times and unprofessional experiences, these tend to be some of the most common issues within the janitorial industry. For this very reason, Pro City was created to be more than just a janitorial company in Stuart FL. We're a complete building maintenance company that ensures the time spent on janitorial in your building is on-task, super efficient, affordable, and never results in missed spots, dirty floors or un-emptied trash cans.

Services available for the following building types.

Advantages of the Right Janitorial Services in Stuart

Take a minute to look around your building. What impression do you think your customers get when they enter your facility? How does the state of your building affect your employee morale? Without realizing, the janitorial services happening within (or lack thereof) will have a major impact on the feel and overall look of your location. These services will give your customers their first impression of your company before you can even greet them at the door. Poorly executed janitorial services in Stuart FL can also have a negative affect on employee morale, if the staff views the place they work in as dirty and un-sanitized.

Not only is the look and feel of your facility a major consideration when deciding on a janitorial provider, but another important factor is safety. Debris left on the floor can easily become a tripping hazard. An uncleaned spill can quickly turn into mold. Excessive dust can have a negative health effect, especially on those with allergies and asthma. A janitorial team that is not performing to your standard means more than just being dissatisfied, you can also potentially open your business up to liability.

Challenges in Finding the Janitorial Company for You

Hiring a janitorial provider can be a daunting task, especially when hoping they take your building as serious as you do. If your janitorial service is not performing up to your standards, then it is time to make a change. Also, you may find you do not have time to regularly keep in touch with a cleaning crew to verify their commitment of thoroughness, professionalism and attention to detail.

Pro City Building Solutions specializes in helping businesses improve the overall feel and appearance of their buildings, and we take pride in the ability to help make it shine. Whatever your building needs, we ensure our janitorial teams are creating the best possible environment for you, your employees, clients, and everyone else who comes into your location. We make sure your cleaning needs are being met beyond the initial clean, and the level of services your building receives is consistent each time we come to your facility. You can have peace of mind knowing that you partnered with a company who sits on your side of the table, when looking at the overall vision of your buildings janitorial needs. If you have any questions, issues or immediate customer service needs, we're available 24/7 to assist.

We also make biweekly visits to your location for quality control purposes, and each of our clients receive a checklist of each cleaning task that we perform so you are constantly in the know. If you have any special requests, questions or customer service needs, we're available 7 days per week for your convenience,

Our mission is to save you time, money and the frustration of dealing with janitorial commercial cleaning companies who do not live up to their end of the agreement. Contact us today and let Pro City put our expertise to work for you!

Pro City Building Solutions also offers additional interior & exterior facility services...

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We've had this company cleaning our office for a little over one year, and their attention to detail is the very reason we found our long term janitorial provider. I highly recommend Pro City as an office cleaning company.

Dennis: Marketing Company, Stuart FL

Its super convenient having our commercial cleaning, landscaping and carpet cleaning services handled by 1 company. We also appreciate our Facility Services Manager (Mike) for taking care of all our needs.

Janet M: Dental Office, Palm City FL